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What We Find in Friendships That We May Not Get in Love

Trusted friendships make the world go ‘round.

Traister dives into the implications of these friendships, discussing the nature of her journey with her best friend and how it changed when they both entered into serious, romantic relationships…

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The Origins of Hookup Culture

Last week, The Washington Post featured an article by John Birger discussing the prevailing culture of casual hook ups and its present-day mascot–Tinder. According to Birger, the sexualized dating culture is symptomatic of shifting demographics among college graduates.

This supply-and-demand explanation only paints a partial picture, however. A deeper dive into American demographic data renders this “dating crisis” increasingly unnerving…

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Wayfaring Dater: Dallas

Strap on your boots and pull out your high intensity hairspray–we’re tackling dating in the big ‘D’! 

Dallas has a great sense of appreciation for different cultures and the arts. If you have a pioneering spirit and you like the heat, this is your city. Don’t shy away from looking for a two-step partner to step out with here. Even though Texas is riddled with stereotypical types, there really is someone for everyone here; it’s not all gun-strapping men and busty blondes…

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Dear Men of Tinder (and other dating sites)

Some of you may get rejected more often than not. Rejection is a tough thing to experience, especially en masse–and even more so from strangers. There could be many reasons why you are being rejected over these apps/sites, but a good, first-run filter might be “can I be mistaken for a predatory serial killer?”

Just because you are not a potential serial killer, or a generally shady person, doesn’t mean that you may not (unintentionally of course) come across as such when dating online.

Here are some helpful ways to make sure you don’t…

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Matchmaker Says: She’s Paleo, You’re A Vegan.

Dear Matchmakers: I’m in love with a woman who follows a paleo diet, but I’m a 80-10-10 low-fat raw vegan/fruitarian, so we have fruits and vegetables in common for food. We’ve talked about having children; she says we’d have to decide on the best diet between us for feeding our future kids, but I don’t think she’ll side with mine, and I won’t side with her diet. We’ve also both stated that we didn’t think the other was our first priority type, but I’ve come to love her anyway, and she says she possibly could fall for me in the future, but in the mean time she’s going to look for her first type, and if she doesn’t find him, she knows she can come back to me. What do we do to resolve this situation?
– Magician type Changer

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The Most Common Things I Hear as a Matchmaker (and What I’m Not Afraid to Tell You)

1. “I want someone magical.”

We all want to meet someone magical. Someone who triggers dreams of doughy-eyed, fairy tale romance. However, I do believe actively seeking magic blemishes the whole meeting and mating experience. “Seeking magical beings” not only sounds like a shady leprechaun scam on Craigslist, but also is associated with the type of people who will watch a magic trick and spend the entire time trying to predict the performer’s every move and thus, miss out on the thrill of discovery…

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5 Ways to Win An Argument In A Relationship

It’s happened– your Springtime in Paris new relationship has hit a significant bump in the road. You’re feeling the urge to say something 180 degrees from “you’re just so perfect and amazing” to your new love interest. Congratulations– this is your first opportunity for a growth power-up!

Quell the impulse to text “We need to talk.” If you’ve already typed it in, with your thumb hovering above “send,” aim for “delete” instead. No one wants to read that; no one wants to be forewarned of impending doom unless they’re watching a movie. You’ll only succeed in spurring the imminent arsenal of defense…

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The Origin Story, NYC

Gotham. Metropolis. NYC. The super-dater who chooses this city has great responsibility ahead of him or her. There’s never a dull moment and a “date” can happen anywhere; standing on a corner in the east village or sitting next to someone on the subway. Fair warning, there will be trials and you may have to jump a few rooftops before you find your dazzling someone. New Yorkers have to be savvy. It takes the strength and stamina of a superhero to make it here. So come on Batman, let’s go find your Batgirl, Robin, Poison Ivy or…whoever it is you’re looking for…

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