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Partridge in a “Pair” Tree

We’re keeping it short this week because, let’s be honest, everyone is exhausted from all the parties, food and holiday spirit. We stumbled upon this photo and it immediately made us think about duos- in all their forms. Humanity craves the pair…

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The Truth Behind The “Holiday Breakup Epidemic”

We assumed the whole “holiday break up epidemic” rhetoric was… just that. That the allegedly higher probability of couples splitting like wishbones from a turkey… if you’ll pardon the simile… around the holiday season was more of a Hollywood thing, and anecdotal urban myth more than a statistically solid phenomena…

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Should You Be Alone Under The Mistletoe?

If you’re a dater, or in a newish relationship, the holiday social circuit poses a certain dilemma: To bring the new guy/gal or not to bring. Should you bring a plus one who isn’t your regular squeeze or committed partner to “your” holiday events?…

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A Blessing Or A Warning

Can a life or a relationship be boiled down to a pithy one liner? Could any of your past relationships be characterized in this way? And if so, who decides in retrospect? Does it boil down to choice or interpretation, or both…

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What Did Your Parents Teach You About Relationships?

Countless studies indicate that our parents influence us in many ways – some we don’t even realize – in terms of how our perspective on adult relationships are formed. Are your parents together or divorced. In either case, were they happy with their decisions, or not so much…

How about you?

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What Do You Really LIKE About Being Single?

While some clients admittedly come to feeling kind of miserably “alone” or unhappily uncoupled, many others really enjoy this time of their lives while searching for a most ideal other. “Single” doesn’t necessarily equate to “alone” in the mind of every singleton, and one’s perception of the challenges and opportunities inherent to going it alone for awhile appears to be somewhat, well… individual.

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What “Little Things” Mean A LOT to You?

In our experience working with thousands of daters and countless successful Tawkify-forged couples, little things do, indeed, tend to mean a lot. Getting a “Good morning, Beautiful/Handsome” text as you’re getting ready for work, or an impromptu greeting card “just because”… or playing footsie with your date under a table at your favorite coffee spot, just to connect undercover, can go a long way in strengthening feelings of attachment and contentment…

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The Lost Art of Seduction 

We are conditioned to believe that seduction is a line to be used or a technique to adopt. We have let society perverse its meaning to become synonymous with ill intention…

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