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Matchmaker Says: Is Casual Sex the Standard?

We live in a world where contemporary dating culture is saturated with terms like ghosting, hookup, hang-out, swipe left and swipe right. This is not the age of virtuous romantic notions for the masses. This is the age of Tinder…

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6 Perfectly Good Reasons to Date Multiple People

Last week, Tawkify Director of Operations, Julia Armet, sent out an article that created some buzz within the Tawkify team: 6 Perfectly Good Reasons to Date Multiple People — wherein Date Report writer, Scott Alden, suggests it’s peachy keen to date multiple people at once. I happen to agree — as did many of our matchmakers, and Tawkify Co-Founder, E. Jean Carroll…

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Matchmaker Says: How To Write A Great Profile

A reader recently asked for guidance on how to write a great Tawkify profile. Who better to pose this question to but our Matchmakers — who read a myriad of profiles daily, their clients’ as well as potential matches for their clients’…

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Part II: Matchmaker Says, Why Focus On The Physical?

Do looks matter? Of course they do. As humans, we’re intrinsically inclined to gravitate towards a personality after that physical attraction is established. Speaking to that, I think physical attraction is comprised of so many different variables…

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