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Valerie Presley

Dating Instruction Roundup X

Who says you can’t be friends with someone you’re attracted to – you can. And who says you have to have sex with everyone you’re attracted to – you shouldn’t…

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Matchmaker Says: Your Next New Year’s Resolution

I reached out to our Matchmakers to weigh-in on the topic of New Year’s resolutions. Specifically, I asked: What changes would improve single folks’ lives in 2017? Per usual, I received fantastic insights – and even got a little New Year’s love from E. Jean Carroll…

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Dating Instruction Roundup VIII

Relationships aren’t fun. They’re an inherently not-fun thing you do with someone whom you often have fun with. Just as light is both a particle and a wave, lasting love is a choice as much as it is a feeling…

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Reconnect: A Retreat For Men

Lauren Korshak and her colleague, Jon Glancy, are the founders of a progressive retreat designed to confront the challenges the modern man faces. I sat down with Lauren to get the inside story on her brainchild called, Reconnect…

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Dating Etiquette: How To Make Introductions

Since the blog’s founding, we’ve noticed a trend of questions indicating a general lack of mannerly behavior on dates. But what is the root cause here? Discussion with fellow Tawkify teammates has led to several possible explanations…

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To Reject & Be Rejected

Rejection. At some point, we all have to dish it out–and we all have to take it. In matters of the heart, rejection is an even scarier monster. But why are we so afraid…

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