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Upcoming: National Singles Week

Romance is exalted in every corner of the globe, but to create a sense of equality, promotion of National Singles Week (observed during the third full week of September) began in Ohio in the 1980s to celebrate societal contributions made by singles…

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Matchmaker Says: To Tell or Not To Tell

The relationship with your matchmaker is unlike any other in your life. There is trust, respect, camaraderie–yes. But, you are not friends in the traditional sense. You are working together to achieve a very serious and important goal…so what does that really look like…

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The Tawkify Process: A Client’s Perspective

Lately, the team has been challenged with the concept of “reviews.” It’s a bit unnatural for us to occupy the “review” space, as one of Tawkify’s main cornerstones is client privacy. We don’t want our client’s to compromise their privacy to share about their experiences. However, we recognize that reviews are an integral component in the decision-making process as people consider working with us…

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Matchmaker Says: Lisa Yanni Revealed

This week’s Matchmaker Says is all about the talented and beautiful Lisa Yanni! Last week, Lisa was featured in The Evening Tribune in an article authored by Jason Jordan, focused on unconventional careers. Like many of our matchmakers Lisa came to us from several (seemingly) unrelated fields–teaching and IT recruitment…

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