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9 First Date Conversation Starters

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The first date historically has been regarded as the moment that makes or breaks a couple. There has been so much pressure applied to the first date that some avoid them all together. Individuals cannot allow the fear of rejection to dissuade one from dating altogether. The key is preparation, just like people prepare for job interviews and exams. These 9 conversation starters are here to help singles feel more comfortable and avoid those awkward silences on a first date. 

1. Culture

The culture question is always a great place to start on a first date, especially if it links to where the couple first met, for instance, a bookstore or a concert. Questions around culture apply to art, books, movies and food. Avoid asking general questions. Instead, ask specific questions about a show they are currently watching. Or a recent concert one might have attended.

2. Childhood experiences

It is always interesting to know how this person was as a child. Listening to what they remember from their childhood is eye-opening, and it also gives one a glimpse into how this person feels about their family.

Individuals interested in Birth Order personality types would enjoy this question, as they can ask first if their date has siblings and then assess whether they fit the personality types.

3. What is something most would not guess about this person?

This question sets a date apart from those who ask the generic “tell me about yourself” question. This topic allows the couple to learn things about each other that most would not know. Sharing secrets or small quirks about each other effectively fosters a more profound sense of intimacy in couples. 

This question is an excellent icebreaker on a first date because each person still has the freedom to choose what each person shares.

4. Where did this individual grow up? Is it different from where they live now?

On a first date, questions concerning where each person has grown up are likely to get an individual to open up about certain traditions, upbringings and how these things shaped them as an individual. 

This conversation can lead to a discussion about where each person would see themselves living in the future. Couples often debate city versus suburb, and each person’s answer to this reveals a lot.

5. What sort of vacations does this person prefer?

Learn what is most appealing to an individual, a relaxing all-expenses-paid resort or a trip filled with long hikes and exploration. 

Also, if an individual has no desire to travel, it could mean that there are competing priorities and responsibilities that do not allow travel in their schedule.

6. What is this person most grateful for in life?

Couples can understand what each person is most passionate about with this question. This question is a good gauge to determine whether the couple’s passions are compatible. 

Determine whether this person holds similar values – individuals are typically most grateful for family, jobs or health. Competing values can foreshadow possible challenges in the relationship.

Follow up to this question with a query on personal philosophies. Deduce whether this person has similar beliefs and compatible values.

7. What does this person wish they were better at?

What skills does one want to acquire or strengthen? Whether it relates to a particular job or life in general. This question reveals a person’s ambition. It also demonstrates a person’s humility to where everyone can be open about where they know they could improve in their life. 

This conversation could be specific about what each person wishes to be better at in romantic relationships or friendships. Whether it is being more on time or communicating better, this gives one a heads-up on the areas either individual may be working on.

8. What is this person most afraid of?

This question might elicit a trivial or serious response. Some might say their fears stem from childhood experiences like spiders or snakes. In contrast, others might consider this an opportunity to be more vulnerable. 

The key here is that both responses are on the same level, and one should be prepared to be vulnerable too.

9. How does this person like to spend the mornings?

This line of questioning may seem intrusive; however, an individual’s morning routine reveals their character and personality type. Whether someone prefers morning over late nights is not a dealbreaker. Although, it does reveal the types of activities this person is likely to engage in.

Relationship-Ready Rehash

First dates can be nerve-wracking, but they don’t have to be. With the right conversation starters, relationship seekers can help ease the tension and make sure the first date is a success. Ready for an enjoyable and unique dating experience? Request a call from Tawkify and take all the guesswork out of finding love.

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