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PDA Meaning Defined & Explained in Love & Relationships

You have probably heard about, talked about, and seen PDA in various situations. But what is it exactly, and how do you navigate the wide world of PDA in your own relationship? With societal norms in place, it can be difficult to know what’s fun and flirty and what might elicit negative reactions. Here, we’ll define the PDA meaning, how to determine what’s okay for you and your partner, and if it’s a healthy form of expression in relationships. Buckle up! Let’s talk about all things PDA. What does PDA mean?  When you see two people engaging in some sort of physical affection–whether a kiss, handholding, or even a mild gesture like a fist bump–you’re witnessing PDA. PDA stands for “public display of affection” and means, well, just that: people in public, or in the presence of others, being physically intimate with one another. When you think of PDA, your mind might jump straight to a couple French kissing next to you on the subway or your sister and best friend being all over each other at your housewarming party. While those are definitely both forms of PDA, they don’t represent all types of public displays. PDA can take many forms, from a peck on the cheek to grinding at a club. We’ll spare you a full list of examples, but it is worth noting that PDA can include small gestures, too, like a pat on the back, rubbing someone’s shoulders, or one of those awkward side hugs. Basically, the PDA meaning is vast and includes quite a few physical interactions.  PDA: What’s okay?  PDA lives a bit in the gray area of everyday culture because “acceptable” standards differ depending on someone’s location, the generation in which they grew up, their religious background, and even plain ol’ societal norms. So, how do you know if you’re being tastefully lovey-dovey or just plain overdoing it in the eyes of those around you? Expressing PDA is all about the situation and how you feel. Think about where you are, who’s around, and how you and your partner feel about being touched.  When it comes to couple PDA, or any display of friendliness or fondness for that matter, you want to feel comfortable and safe while being courteous to people who might be in view of your expression of love. In other words, know your audience and your surroundings. Let’s cover some places and situations where you might think about showing a little intimacy. Movie theater, bar, or club. While the movie theater makeout sesh might not be called “necking” anymore, it’s still a perfectly appropriate form of couple PDA. But just in case, you might want to grab seats at the back of the theater. Similarly, intimate locations like bars and clubs are opportune spots for getting a little frisky.  Workplace. This one is an absolute no for any form of PDA beyond a handshake. Many companies have made great strides in recent years toward creating safe workplace environments and making it

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